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Legal Pathways for Women Journalists in and from North Africa: A Practical Toolkit

Across North Africa, women journalists are experiencing serious human rights violations in the course of their journalistic work at the hands of state and non-state actors. Yet all too often, domestic recourse for these violations is limited and accessing legal pathways at the international, regional, and foreign levels is too technical and out of reach. 

As part of the Women Journalists in and from North Africa project, the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy (TIMEP) is proud to release a practical toolkit for women journalists in and from North Africa who have experienced human rights violations and are keen on documenting these violations and/or seeking recourse for them at the United Nations, African regional, or foreign national court level. 

The toolkit, which is available in English and Arabic, presents a series of questions for impacted journalists to reflect on and presents in a simple and accessible manner some of the key mechanisms that may be most relevant. In doing so, TIMEP seeks to demystify the legal pathways available to women journalists and cultivate a resource document that may serve as a starting point and empower journalists with the necessary knowledge to be able to seek support from lawyers and civil society organizations in their pursuit of recourse.