07/31/2013 . By TIMEP

The interim government took to the airwaves to instruct security forces to end the two continuous pro-Morsi sit-ins in Cairo, calling them “unacceptable terrorizing” and “a threat to Egyptian national

07/17/2013 . By TIMEP

Egypt’s general prosecutor ordered the arrest of Essam Sultan, a leading member of the Wasat Party, a moderate Islamist party, for “insulting the judiciary.” The detention of four Muslim Brotherhood

03/28/2012 . By TIMEP

The Constituent Assembly met for the first time today. The session began amid the resignation of 25 members in protest of the perceived domination of the body by Islamists. Muslim

01/23/2012 . By TIMEP

The newly elected People’s Assembly met for the first time today. One of the first actions of the Freedom and Justice Party-dominated parliamentary body was to elect a speaker. Mohammed

04/30/2011 . By TIMEP

Members of the Muslim Brotherhood today announced the creation of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), following through on a February 21 pledge to establish a political party. Muhammad Morsi,