12/08/2012 . By TIMEP

A decree issued by President Morsi annulled a controversial aspect of his November 22 presidential decree which had been met by wide-ranging criticism and protests throughout Egypt. Those protests and

12/02/2012 . By TIMEP

Supporters of President Muhammad Morsi surrounded the Supreme Constitutional Court today, protesting an impending ruling on the work of the recently-concluded constitutional assembly. The judges accused protestors of seeking to prevent them

12/01/2012 . By TIMEP

Protests continued today in Tahrir Square for the ninth day against the recent actions of President Muhammad Morsi. In response, supporters of the president have staged demonstrations outside Cairo University

11/30/2012 . By TIMEP

Protests intensified throughout Egypt today in renewed opposition to President Morsi’s November 22 decree and to yesterday’s Constituent Assembly-approved constitution. Protests occurred in Alexandria outside Al-Qaed Ibrahim Mosque, in Modereya

11/29/2012 . By TIMEP

Today the Constituent Assembly approved a final draft of a new constitution. Human Rights Watch stated that the document “provides for basic protections against arbitrary detention and torture and for

11/18/2012 . By TIMEP

An estimated 50,000 protesters crowded Tahrir Square today. The crowds demanded that presidential elections be held before May 2012, sooner than the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) had

06/14/2012 . By TIMEP

The Supreme Constitutional Court ruled to dissolve the parliamentary People’s Assembly today, declaring that one-third of the body was elected in an unconstitutional manner with respect to Egypt’s 1971 constitution.

06/13/2012 . By TIMEP

The People’s Assembly and Shura Council came to an agreement on the composition of a new Constituent Assembly, after the first faced obstacles after the resignation of 25 members. While

04/10/2012 . By TIMEP

The Supreme Administrative Court struck down the newly elected Constituent Assembly today. The body’s formation was challenged under a 1994 Supreme Constitutional Court ruling which had been interpreted to forbid

03/28/2012 . By TIMEP

The Constituent Assembly met for the first time today. The session began amid the resignation of 25 members in protest of the perceived domination of the body by Islamists. Muslim