Infographic: How Does a Bill Become a Law in Egypt?

Since Egypt’s House of Representatives first convened in January 2016, it has passed numerous pieces of legislation, with significant implications for the political, economic, and social lives of Egyptians. Yet, the process by which these laws are conceived of, deliberated on, and approved is often difficult to navigate.

TIMEP’s infographic “How Does a Bill Become a Law in Egypt?” helps our audience better understand the steps involved in legislating—specifically, the steps that the House of Representatives is mandated to follow when a draft law is submitted for consideration, as detailed in Articles 158 to 180 of the House of Representatives’ bylaws.

For a more detailed analysis of some of the most prominent laws passed by the House of Representatives, our TIMEP Law Briefs are available; for more detailed information on the weekly trends and developments pertaining to Egypt’s House of Representatives, please stay updated with our Egypt Parliament Watch project.