09/22/2014 . By TIMEP

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy (TIMEP) is alarmed by recent reports of clashes between police officers and hundreds of Coptic Christians on Tuesday in the

04/29/2014 . By TIMEP

On April 28, 2014, a judge in Minya issued a now-notorious verdict sentencing nearly 700 purported Muslim Brotherhood supporters to death; on the same day, a Cairo court issued an

04/29/2014 . By Mai El-Sadany

While Egypt’s security sector and executive branch have for months been entrenched in a self-declared, politicized “war on terror” that has brought about a repressive protest law and a large-scale

01/25/2014 . By TIMEP

Today marked the three-year anniversary of the January 25 protests in Tahrir Square that ultimately led to the resignation of former President Hosni Mubarak after 18 days of demonstrations. Deaths

08/16/2013 . By TIMEP

The Muslim Brotherhood’s “Friday of Rage” protests led to violence across Egypt, as at least 100 civilians died nationwide in clashes between supporters and opponents of deposed President Mohammed Morsi.

08/11/2013 . By TIMEP

Officials at the Ministry of the Interior said that the dispersal of the sit-ins at Raba’a al-Adaweya Mosque and Nahda Square could begin on Monday. One source told the BBC

08/06/2013 . By TIMEP

Eleven people were arrested in connection with last week’s violence against Coptic Christians in Minya. The accused were ordered held for fifteen days pending investigations. A body was found with a bullet

08/05/2013 . By TIMEP

The Muslim Brotherhood’s sit-ins at Raba’a al-Adaweya Mosque and al-Nahda Square continued. A group of younger members of the Brotherhood launched a campaign to change the image of the assemblies,

08/02/2013 . By TIMEP

In anticipation of today’s marches, the Interior Ministry increased security at Tahrir Square, the Ittihadeya presidential palace, and Simor Bolivar Square (near the U.S. Embassy). In Minya, there was a